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Mechanics of the system is important but power is nothing without control. With ARPP® there is a single product that will allow to:

  • Carry out CAM projects on externally generated digital geometry;
  • Use specific CAM operations dedicated to the marble milling sector, such as the bore milling and disc spatulating;
  • Follow the working process stages of the machine, displaying 3D images of the motion of the robot inside the work space;
  • Make a 3D simulation of the removal of the material, generating the subsequent CAM machining on the actual residual material.

These distinctive features, combined with the user friendliness of the ARPP® system, both in terms of interface and use of the CAM operations, determinate a unique way to create your artwork.

With our software, ScultoRob is just a few clicks away from tasks such as:


Turning is a function, defined by few parameters, that in combination with the milling operation, it allows to rough and/or finish a bust. ARPP® takes part in the process by coordinating the combined movements of both the turn table and the robot.


It is possible to set complex drilling operations, such as the bore milling process, which is essential in the stone processing sector, especially for fast and cheap roughing phase.


This specific function enables a realistic simulation of the working cycle, with exceptional speed and accuracy performances in representing the piece surface that still has to be carved.
The 3D model of the workpiece is continuously updated and displayed in real time. At any time it can be exported for any external operation and in any of the supported format (STL, VRML, etc.).
Last but not least, all CAM operations generate, at the end of each step, an optimized tool path for the remaining material.


With a few clicks on the 3D model, you can define a full 5 axis profiling and see the robot moving along the defined trajectory.


The tool path will be fully managed by our software, even when using discs.


There are several functions that allow to efficiently use the saw blade in roughing and finishing operation.


Our ScultoRob systems are equipped with a customized graphical interface that replicates the robot console and it allows to control all processing parameters in a functional and easy manner. The main monitored features are:

  • Management of the electrospindle, that is speed control and absorbed power display;
  • Tools Table display, with information about the tool loaded;
  • Process progress state;
  • Utility procedures.

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