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Ortis Essential

ORTIS Essential is the entry level configuration that fits for all the orthopaedic workshops that don’t have big daily production needs and produce medium size models.

The system allows you to obtain an average daily production of 10 models with a 600x600x1000 mm working area. The pediatric market is fully covered with this configuration.

An aluminum box encloses the entire system containing dust and noise, requiring a limited installation area (industrial floor is needed). The tool change is manual and it’s facilitated by a presetting laser that automatically measures the tool real length.

Ortis Essential
Robot Ortis Essential


Robot type
ABB 6-axis, 6Kg load at wrist, surface area of about 800mm.
Internally engineered and produced, it integrates seamlessly as a 7th robotic axis as part of the robot enclosure. Aluminium surface area of 600x600mm, 60rpm. The whole system is enclosed in an aluminium frame, already fitted for with shaving vacuum removal. The system’s bulk size is 1700 by 1500mm with 2450mm of total height.
Laser calibration
The standard setup includes a laser guide to perform automatic tool length calibration.
Working volume
blocks up to 600x600x1000 mm
Compressed air
Supported option, at least 1.3 bar.
System programming
A license of our ARPP® software ships with the system. ARPP® is powered by 5-axis a tool path generator (ARPPCAM), and allows for a precise ahead-of-time 3D simulation of the milling and material removal process.
An open system
ORTIS can be used with any 3D scanner or software that makes use of industry-standard formats (STL, AOP, VRML, …).
Bulk size
The whole system is contained in an aluminium box, prearranged for chip suction.
The dimensions are: 1700 mm (L) x 1250 mm (W) x 2450 mm (H)
Overall around 600 Kg
Power supply
380VAC, 50-60Hz, 6 KVA (average power consumption under 1.5 Kw).

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