Scultorob is a 7 axis robotic system for milling and turning operations on models and prototypes made of resin, wood and other light materials.

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Innovative robotic applications for shaping and finishing industrial and artistic models, in the following operations:

Custom robotic systems designed on the specific production needs of the client.

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ORTIS is a carving robotic system designed for the orthopaedic market, used to produce custom-made prosthesis and orthosis.

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JEC World 2018

6-8/03/2018 Paris, France Hall 5A, Booth Q83

Roboticom is the brand of Fabrica Machinale dedicated to design, produce and sell advanced robotic solutions. Roboticom puts on the market robotic system with different applications: artistic carving of marble and natural stone, polystyrene

and styrofoam milling, big volumes objects modelling, surface finishing, etc.
The main industrial sectors in which Roboticom's clients operate are: stone industry, artistic, orthopaedic, automotive, naval, etc.

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